SimTrack: Exploring Simple 3D Multi-Object Tracking for Autonomous Driving

August 2021

tl;dr: Simplified tracking mechanism from CenterPoint.

Overall impression

SimTrack stands for simplified tracking. This paper is heavily inspired by CenterPoint. Instead of using the predicted motion for better matching (data association) in tracking, SimTrack simplified that matching to a simple look-up (or read-off as in the paper).

The usage of combined map during inference time resembles a simple version of convLSTM (memory). This helps the network to look beyond two immediate frames and thus handle occlusion better. It is not trained online specifically but only leveraged in inference time.

The key design is to predict the first-appear location of each object in a given snippet to get the tracking identity and then update the location based on motion estimation.

Difference with CenterPoint:

Key ideas

Technical details