GAIA-1: A Generative World Model for Autonomous Driving

February 2024

tl;dr: World model capable of multi-future video generation for autonomous driving.

Overall impression

A critical problem lies in effectively predicting the various potential outcomes that may emerge in response to the vehicle’s action as the world evolves.One possible solution is to learn a world model. A world model is a predictive model of the future that learns a general representation of the world in order to understandn the consequences of its actions (or in other words, captures expected future events). World modeling has been used as a pretraining task to learn a compact and general representation in a self-supervised way.

Note that some generative models excel at generating visually convincing content, but they may fall short in learning representaing of the evolving world dynamics that are crucial for precissse and robust decision makeing in complex scenarios. –> Sora

Why are world models useful?

This technical report includes tons of training details, reminescent of the Llama series paper.

It does not explicitly predict the action, which is improved by ADriver-I.

Key ideas

Technical details